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Working 1:1 with first-time CEOs and those who are new in post

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Why hire a coach?

It can be lonely at the top, especially in your first CEO role.  You’re trying to lead, understand the organisation, make the right first impression and build relationships all at the same time.

Coaching can offer a combination of increased self-awareness, tailored feedback and a better understanding of other people and the dynamics of situations.  A good coach will hold a mirror up to allow you to better understand yourself, support and encourage you to develop and grow and challenge you to enable you to make the changes you desire.

It’s like a training course in being a new CEO unique tailored to bring out the very best in you and your organisation.

Who I work with

I work with first time and new CEOs in companies, charities and social enterprises.  This is because I vividly remember how it felt to take on my first CEO role and the challenges I also faced when I took on leadership of an established company in a sector completely new to me.  My service offers what I needed – a sounding board, a place to honestly discuss challenges and support to develop myself into the leader I needed to be.

I also offer team coaching and strategy workshops to help leaders embed the changes they want to make.

How coaching can benefit your organisation

My executive coaching approach has a dual focus, exploring development from both an individual and an organisational perspective.

Individual focus – I work with leaders to help them understand and develop their personal impact and effectiveness, build their confidence and achieve excellence. I provide a sounding board for decisions, opportunities and challenging situations.

Organisation focus – I help leaders increase their ability to identify and evaluate opportunities, uncover insights about their business, develop culture and create high performing teams.

Work with me

I offer 2 coaching packages:

  • First 100 days package – we will have a one-off 2 hour discovery session to lay the foundations for working together and then a 45 minute coaching session every 10 days.  The focus is on supporting you to quickly assess the organisation, make the right first impression, prioritise your time and identify opportunities.  We can also work on areas such as organisational culture, reviewing the infrastructure and creating an influencing plan for key stakeholders.   These 10 sessions are delivered over the phone with email support and resources provided between sessions.  Cost: £2,200
  • 3 month coaching package – we will have a one-off 2 hour discovery session to lay the foundations for working together and then a 45 minute coaching session every 2 weeks.  Each session will focus on a topic of your choice, helping you to get unstuck, develop your skills and knowledge and keeping you sane in touch times.  These 7 sessions are delivered by phone with email support and resources provided between sessions.  Cost: £1,600

For a free 45 minute chemistry coaching session to explore if I am the right coach for you please get in touch.

Representative Client Assignments

  • CEO, Parks & Leisure – provision of on-going support to first time CEO to implement change management programme and develop organisational strategy
  • Founder, Food & Drink – supporting the founder to identify how to structure the business so she could focus on growth not day-to-day management
  • CEO & team, Healthcare – supporting CEO through a time of transition and team coaching to improve team morale and performance
  • Founder, Professional Services – supporting the founder as he developed a new proposition/brand and created a vision which aligned business and personal objectives
  • Founder, Healthcare – supported the founder to identify options for growth through strategic partnerships
  • CEO & team, Notfor-profit – facilitation of two day strategy workshop to embed new culture and improve performance


The founder of Scottie’s Coffee, a fast growing coffee van, café and coffee bean business, wanted to grow the business and never had the time to focus on the biggest opportunities. Through coaching we identified where she was being drawn into the day-to-day operations needlessly, where the biggest opportunities for growth were and what expertise she needed to bring into the business. She came away with an improved staff structure, a new mindset about hiring specialist staff and an action plan to free up her time. Now she works on her business, not in it and focuses her time on her core strength of creating new opportunities for cafes and expanding the coffee retail business.   She’s happier and her business is thriving.

“As the owner of a growing business I find it hugely helpful to work with Carla. She acts as a sounding board for decisions, provides a space to reflect on how I can be more effective and helps me approach challenges from different angles.” Lou Scott, Founder of Scottie’s Coffee

Bankside Open Spaces Trust (BOST) have engaged me for the past year to hold monthly coaching sessions with the new Director to support him in implementing a change programme. The organisation has improved its financial situation, secured substantial funding for investment in growing its commercial operations and has implemented a new project management system. BOST has built a stable foundation for future growth and is increasing its impact on its local community and attracting high calibre partners, employees and non-exec directors.

“Carla has been with us from the beginning of this change process, helping us tackle big decisions and be consistent in our approach. I find our sessions incredibly valuable as a chance to focus on priorities, talk through challenges and recharge my batteries. The experience and insight she brings has been very beneficial both for the organisation and for me personally in leading us through a period of considerable change.”  Paul Ely, Director at BOST

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