Making strategy and away days inspiring and effective.

I’ve been facilitating strategy days, away days and workshops for the past 10 years, building on my experience as a consultant, executive coach, and CEO in both the charity and commercial sectors and as a Fundraising & Marketing Director. The depth and breadth of my background gives me a wealth of knowledge, which means I can add more value than a standard facilitator. My style is to ensure that the workshops are practical, move the organisation forward, build relationships within teams and are enjoyable and inspiring.

My services:

  • Board level strategy days/away days/workshops
  • Executive and Senior Management Team strategy days/away days/workshops
  • Whole organisation strategy days/away days/workshops
  • Team building workshops
  • Fundraising & Marketing Team strategy days/away days/workshops

I also do a lot of work around purpose and how it can be used to engage various audiences.

  • Purposology keynote speech to kick start away days
  • Purposology workshops – using purpose as a framework to look at strategy or engagement

If you would like to discuss facilitation of your next way day or a tailored workshop please get in touch.

A Senior Management Team strategy day

“Carla is a highly skilled facilitator who provided excellent service from initial concept meeting to delivery.  She was able to quickly grasp our current position and challenged the team to think about improvement areas head on with a solution-focused approach”

— Director of Operations, housing organisation

Facilitation of a planning workshop

“Carla is insightful, professional, thoughtful, extremely passionate and inspiring”

— Director, professional association

Strategic Board Away Day

“Carla was facilitator for our Board Strategic Away Day. She did a fantastic job. The communication before the event was very good and on the day she kept things organised and moved the programme along nicely. Thanks to her, we achieved all we wanted to and everyone came away energised and motivated to deliver on the actions.”

— CEO, youth organisation 

Creativity workshop

“A particular highlight of working with Carla was when I asked her to help to facilitate a team planning workshop session to foster and deepen creative and lateral thinking across the team. Carla used a number of great techniques to help achieve this and by the end of the afternoon session the team had generated a wide range of ideas and opportunities that are now featuring within our future plans. I would absolutely recommend working with Carla if you get the chance to do so.”

— Director, health organisation 

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